Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taming Timerman

My first-ever post. Let's start with some politiKs.....

La Nacion reports that Argentine President Cristina Kirchner is super-pissed at her ambassador to the U.S., Hector Timerman, after he voiced his concerns over her gushing remarks about U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama during her first-ever press conference on August 2nd. Her praise for Obama was the only real substance that came out of the question posed to her by yours- truly about Argentina/U.S. relations in the wake of the $800K suitcase scandal (for which a trial starts this week in Miami). I was planning to ask her for additional details, but I was quite literally pushed away from the microphone by one of her handlers. Clearly, follow-ups were not on the agenda on this historic day of the Kirchner era.

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